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Most of what I have done online is available through the items on the menu at the top of this page.

I feel its a bit rude just to fob you off with yet another list of things to click on - after all I do appreciate you visiting and I'd love to chat a while but I might be sleeping right now so we're stuck here with me wondering how to make you feel welcome.

For all I know this is the last in a long list of sites you've visited and may not even be what you are looking for.

I suppose, since its my site you are interested in me - if not I imagine you didn't even get this far.

So here's some background information about me and the road I've traveled thus far in life.

Fergus at the tender age of 6 months

Born in Glasgow in 1948 and, at the age of 5, became a second-wave boat person to Australia on board the SS Arcadia[1] on her maiden voyage. SS Arcadia

A very different migration to those faced by today's refugees, I remember it as a care-free time filled with the exciting prospect of life in Australia.

My schooling happened in Adelaide and Mount Gambier; a notable feature was that my father taught at the high school which made for a homelife strangely reminiscent of the classroom.

Like most of my final-year class, I fled towards what I thought were the bright lights of civilisation when school was over, landing at Adelaide University enrolled for a BSc. An injudicious choice to do only mathematics subjects in second year drove me to seek any alternative to stem my growing nightmares of equals signs and I ended up taking a computer science half-and-half to finish with. This led to an honours in Computer Science - the first year it was offered at Adelaide University.

In 1970, I returned to Scotland , this time Edinburgh, to work on a PhD thesis at the Wolfson Microelectronic Liaison Unit.

This was a small attachment to the Department of Electrical Engineering charged with taking University research - preferably PhD research (which was regarded as free in those days) and metamorphosing it into something profitable for industry. We fabricated our own thick and thin film microcircuits and silicon ship MOSFET circuits. My work centered on a human/computer interface where each could contribute their best skills in microcircuit design and layout. Curiously titled -A Study of Non-interactive Computer Methods for Microcircuit Layouts. - curious because it was - to me - a highly interactive task.

I spent time with all aspects of circuit fabrication but mainly the detailed layout portions and became intrigued by how man and machine could work profitably together for the benefit of both in solving complex problems.

After returning to Australia through Africa by motorcycle and clutching my fresh PhD was dismayed to find I couldn't get a job. I eventually was given an opportunity by a fellow traveler I had met on the flight from Africa to Australia.

This resulted in an Australia-wide facility for roof-truss design. Again the flavour was the man/machine interface only this time the users were new to computer use.

Ossa 250 Enduro on the banks of a crocodile-infested river in Nigeria 

A year later I was in charge of the Queensland State Government Computer Centre technical support group. A mixed blessing but one which saw the state computing machinery leave the steam-driven stage and acquire state-of-the-art hood.

The tech crew at work on the floor at Chowan Creek, 1980 - amazingly no injuries! 

I left the public service when I became convinced my children needed a country upbringing having become dismayed by their options in the city with 2 working parents.

We moved to 120 acres near Uki in northern NSW into a modest cabin built on weekends, at times with the help of technical support colleagues and their families.

I started a stained-glass business - well a sort of barter business - which helped me work at home and be around my children. 2 years later my marriage dissolved and I became fascinated with human healing and embarked on a course which eventually brought me to lecturing at the Australian Academy of Natural Therapies.

I created a course called -behavioural Therapies- which focused on human communication and Rayid iris interpretation[2]. The stained glass work metamorphosed into metaphysical instrument making[3] which brought me into intimate contact with crystals and gemstones and extra-sensory phenomena. Later on the similarities between natural crystals - such as white quartz and synthetic silicon (used as a substrates for integrated circuits and computer chips) took on great significance in developing an understanding of how CyberSayer worked.

The powerful transformational abilities of natural crystals has been “rediscovered” in recent decades with the flourishing of crystal healing modalities and related therapeutic fields. The ability of natural quartz crystals to transform energies from one state to another - as exemplified by the piezoelectric effect and crystal radios. Computer processors are created on a base which is a man-made semi-conducting crystal and share this transformational ability.

A significant difference is the ability to program a computer to create a unique sequence of states in the processor chip which achieve a task.

To date most computer applications have focused on manipulating data to achieve a well-defined goal - such as the browser you are using now to view this page.

However, like the crystal radio, our brains are transmitters and our thoughts are, in some ways, like radio waves - the recent popularisation of quantum mechanics as seen in films like “The Secret” and “What the BLEEP Do We Know!?” has highlighted this.

different work which has been combined in creating CyberSayer

CyberSayer is possibly the first application which exploits these features to create an application which is able to respond to an individual's concerns using plain english mental concerns - thoughts if you like - via a commonplace interface , the computer monitor, without an intermediary and without special “psychic” skills.

Financial encouragement eventually led me to another lecturing job - this time the University of New England delivering a course on Computer Operating Systems. During this year on Tuesdays I would drive an hour north, deliver a 2 hour lecture on human behaviour - its causes and reasons and what can be done about it. Then I would drive south grab a quick bite at home, drive another hour further south, deliver a 2 hour lecture on the intricacies of the DOS operating system - its causes and reasons and what can be done about it, conduct a 1-hour tutorial on same and drive home. All in all about a 14 hour non-stop roller coaster ride from one extreme to another.

This gave me an intense exposure to human behaviour, an in-depth look at computer's behaviour, an opportunity to work with both in a tutorial setting and 8 hours thinking time and. An extraordinary environment to develop my fascination with the human mind and behaviour in conjunction with the computer “mind” and “behaviour” and how these could usefully be put together.

an early MindVision - then called MindMash and the typical result - a intimate oneness or unity and profound acceptance of ourself and each other

Also at this time my wife, Trijntje, and I were developing an intense 3-day residential retreat, called MindVision[4], which was producing extraordinary results in helping people identify what they wanted in life and what they needed to do to stop preventing themselves having it. We ran MindVision by donation and were amazed how the amount we received was invariably within a few dollars of the sum total of our current outstanding bills. MindVision provides intense exposure to the vagaries of the human mind and behavioural consequences of belief, attitude and indoctrination.

Eventually constant financial encouragement became ominously strident and we sold our beach-front home to move north to - we thought - Brisbane. But the city still held no safe haven (or anything I could recognise as such) and we gradually moved further from Brisbane in our search. Eventually we found a place, a 3-acre subdivision from a dairy farm with peace and water near Maleny and bought it.

We moved on to our Middle Path in 1994 - into an 30-year old Queensland Railways Camp Wagon - 30 foot by 7 foot 8 inches. Much of that story is documented on the Middle Path website[5]. It was a temporary solution to the housing crisis - it would be over 7 years before we moved to larger accommodation and during this time we built that accommodation, created the prototype CyberSayer, ran 2 businesses (from the railway carriage) and entertained friends in a sardine-like fashion.

Camp Wagon 617 - early days and CyberSayers first computer

We planted and found employment where we could, early on someone who came to our MindVision workshops challenged me to transcribe a Tarot-like experience to a computer. A computer and software was provided and - after a 12 year absence from coding - I started learning about Windows, Microsoft and what had happened to computing in my absence - the PC revolution.


The software I created worked outstandingly but was commercially unappealing (shades of the PhD era). I spent a while writing a completely different program and Trijntje and I put together a distillation of what we knew worked for people naturally.

CyberSayer I was born featuring the Eye of Horus - an oracle with an Egyptian heritage. Promotion was a challenge and, around that time, news of the Internet filtered through to our rural sanctuary - it seemed an obvious step to learn about websites and promote the software on the net - a very different place in 1994 than it is today.

I was not happy with CyberSayer I and wanted to make something better which was more akin to having a chat with a friend. However it became urgent to build a -proper dwelling- and so I built our home (that story is here[6]) while Trijntje found work wherever she could. I felt I needed to be more in touch with what was of concern to people around the world than an owner-builder knows. I created on online “bare-bones” version of CyberSayer and for several years collected the questions people would ask to find out what people wanted to know.

Trijntje was rebuilding her thriving Natural Therapies clinic and we were both becoming highly impressed with the powerful contribution our local weeds were making to health and well-being. This has grown into another thriving online undertaking which helps many folk around the world regain control of their health and wellbeing - it is at middlepath.com.au[7].

I rebuilt CyberSayer - program and data - completely to make CyberSayer II - Software for your Soul. Interestingly around this time -What the Bleep.....- and -The Secret- were released and I recognised some of the material described methodology I used in creating CyberSayer.

The last year or so I have once again returned to working on CyberSayer to make a powerful online experience for anyone who wants to go within in a guided, supportive, safe and gentle way. This has also led to the development of iESP™[8] which has greatly improved the integrity of the data acquisition and interpretation between user, computer, server and CyberSayer.

CyberSayer as she looks today

Looking back I see the serendipity of the path which brought thus far - much of what I learned along the way is in CyberSayer. Most of the skills I learned along the way have integral to the creation of CyberSayer. But only hindsight has revealed this to me - a lot of the journey I believed I was stumbling aimlessly and frustratingly around in the dark - quite probably in ever-decreasing circles.

Wishing you Every Joy in Discovering Yourself,
Your Life's full potential,
and how you can Make a Difference
in Your World
Fergus Reilly PhD

Fergus - a recent photo

The Early Years

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