Climate Change - Global Warming
My search for a Silver Lining

Global Warming / Climate Change, my search for a Silver Lining

It is now 25 years since global warming became a topic in my vocabulary and, since that time, almost nothing of a practical nature seems to have been accomplished to address the catastrophe it forecasts. On the contrary it appears we are past the point of no return[1] [2][3][4] according to observations in many fields of study made by sane, compassionate, learned professionals in regions around the world.

I believe that the Arctic is the loudest canary in the global mine and the signs there are indeed ominous: there is now tangible evidence of some 28 feedback loops[5] contributing to accelerated warming whose combined influence is beyond humanity's capacity to evaluate.

It is impossible for us, as individuals, to contemplate the ramifications of this (the imminent extinction of life as we know it) without becoming overwhelmed - and rightly so - by a emotional tsunami of grief and despair. I have sought for an upside to the state of affairs and the bright point appears to me to be that humanity is about to learn a lesson as a species that will support our collective evolution in a very beneficial manner. That you and I are inextricably part of this "passing-over of humanity" I see as both a great privilege and a personal calamity and here I choose to focus on the priviledge aspect.

We all know that we, as individuals, learn best from our mistakes and for some time it has been apparent that greed and the unflinching pursuit of material wealth, control and domination is a major unbalancing force for humanity as a whole. Like so many addictive behaviours which produce an apparent improvement in one aspect of life at the expense of one's overall well being, capitalist-inspired avarice has resulted in a catastrophic imbalance both within human societies and the planetary ecosphere which gives us life.

Another thing about learning life's lessons - although opportunities come throughout life - for many it is only in the final moments when the inevitability of death is accepted, that the wisdom created by their life's choices is recognised and assimilated. The value of this assimilated wisdom is clearly of little use to those left living but, as Robert P. Lanza reports in his book Biocentrism[6] it is individual human life which is mortal but the growth in consciousness we each achieve in our lifetime is our own, personal invaluable contribution to the immortal collective to which we all belong (my paraphrasing).

Just as an individual's state at moment of death largely determines the benefits of their life for the collective consciousness, so too, I believe, will it be for humanity as an entity. I am therefore choosing to focus more on what I can contribute to humanity's collective enlightenment with a view to maximizing the benefits achieved through dealing with the consequences of this gargantuan blunder consciously.

There are so many others far more knowledgeable and eloquent about the physical consequences of our global behaviour than I and I have included references to a few of those whose works have given my own consciousness a sledge-hammer blow below. My chief interest is the consciousness we all share and which we experience as our individual life's rich pageant: what we can do, individually, to get a firm grasp of it and use it for our individual and collective benefit and well-being during the climactic days ahead.

Empower Your Consciousness

I was blessed to be exposed to the works of David Hawkins, particularly his book “Power vs Force”[7] which formed the cornerstone for building my map of consciousness which formed the basis for my “Empower Your Consciousness”[8] presentations. These are an introduction to the workshops called “MindVision”[9] my wife and I offer in our home.

While MindVision has generally focused on helping people to practice “proactive mindfulness” as a way to change lives, help others and rediscover their passion for living, it has dawned on me that the same process offers invaluable support to choosing the path you want to walk in the days before you. But that is really another story and the best I can offer you here is a quick glimpse of my work on human consciousness.
the spectrum of consciousness the spectrum of electromagnetism

I see consciousness as a spectrum with which we interact in a similar fashion to the way we experience the electromagnetic spectrum. Just as our eyes are only able to let us experience a small portion of the extensive range of electromagnetic frequencies which make up our universe, so, too, is our incarnate awareness restricted to a small portion of the extensive range of levels of consciousness which make up our universe.

Just as an increase in frequency raises the power and influence of an electromagnetic wave so, too, does an increase in the frequency (level / vibration) of our individual consciousness increase it's power and influence within collective consciousness. Since our consciousness is likely the only thing we will be able to bequeath our fellow humans, it makes sense to enrich it as much as we can in the time we have left.

Looking at the spectrum of consciousness on the left, the portion available to us (labeled “consciousness”) while we are incarnate (existing in human form, occupying a physical body), although small on a cosmic scale, offers a range of levels within it with which we can learn to develop skills - just as a painter learns to master his medium through the appropriate use of the colours available within the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

the range of embodiment is the range of consciousness

So, without further ado, let us look at this portion of the conscious spectrum:-

I believe that you have to leave your body (disincarnate) to experience levels of consciousness outside that segment (so there seems little point in speculating about it’s nature here).

That is because the human body can only operate (or sustain itself) within that region of vibration - if your vibration slows or lowers beyond the lower boundary - your body will stop working; death and disembodiment ensue.

If your vibration quickens or rises above the upper boundary - your body cannot keep up and your awareness leaves its “earthly container”; if it is a permanent departure then your body will stop working from lack of a driver; death and disembodiment ensue.

This range then defines the extent of the Level of Consciousness.

At the lowest levels are Shame, Guilt, Apathy then Grief where life is experienced generally as a dank, gloomy space, filled with misery and despair - a likely first stop on your journey towards confronting the possibility of extinction. There is not much you can consciously achieve down in these levels and hopelessness likely will pervade every nook and cranny of your thinking.

Above there comes Fear then Desire a space where modern media and marketing would dearly love to immerse you permanently. Again a largely powerless region where what's going on around you determines what your awareness focuses on.

Next we come to Anger which is where we find the first vestiges of empowerment - anger is an emotion that helps many break through barriers and take up arms against a sea of struggles. It invokes potent emotional force, often at the expense of clarity and compassion.

Above anger is the level of Pride. Here your ego reigns triumphant, convincing you that you are always right and, should someone disagree with what you say or want then it is simply because they are wrong. It is a space which is challenging to progress beyond without embracing a degree of humility and the possibility that there may be a chance that you might, occasionally, be wrong.

Next is the level of Courage - which I call “The Line” (think of a line in the sand) which we must pass through in order to access higher levels of consciousness which lie beyond. It is necessary to accept and profess our own inner truth, publicly, to “own it”, through the action of word, then deed. It takes courage to say “this is me and my belief” when many around us would persuade us otherwise, to put it mildly. It requires one to experience an “ego death” described as a “complete loss of subjective self-identity”, to put it bluntly. I am sure each and every one who has publicly announced their belief in imminent extinction is acutely aware of how passing through this level feels.

Courage is a barrier level - a point at which you have to discard, relinquish and let go of all the beliefs, attitudes, illusions and behaviours which have kept you mired in the levels below. Passing through it does not mean you are free from the lower levels - indeed you are quite free to return to them anytime - when your awareness focuses on Pride, Anger, Desire, Fear, Grief, Apathy, Guilt or Shame. And you are equally free to return through the barrier to levels above whenever you are willing to do what it takes to “step over the line”.

Above the level of courage we come to Neutrality - it is a space where the pressure in the kettle of our coping with life has been released and we begin to experience detachment, not so much non-involvement, more like non-vulnerability. It is here we can begin to replace subjectivity or “what about me” with objectivity or “what about us”.

Now we come to Willingness a level where we find ourselves ready to undertake what is needed to do our bit for the collective well-being. A happy place where we are generally well-pleased to discover that our life is indeed significant and worthwhile, even in the face of extinction.

Acceptance is next and it is here you will find yourself sufficiently empowered and enthusiastic to do whatever it takes to put your shoulder to the wheel of human evolution or advancement.

Now we come to the level of Reason another special level like courage which requires that we relinquish a thing many hold dear - especially the scientifically-inclined amongst us - in order to continue our progress upwards. If you will not let go of logic, rationality and the need to understand then progress beyond reason will be denied you. That, in itself, may not seem a bad thing, but it will prevent you from experiencing what lies beyond - levels of human experience which science inevitably has found itself unwilling (I would suggest incapable) of dealing with.

First in these is the level of Love, perhaps you might know it as unconditional love, a space where you can experience your true nature: uninhibited by the need to label, categorise, justify, judge, compare, classify, separate or even differentiate. It is also a place where you will find yourself uninterested in extinction and motivated by your burgeoning desire to share life and living to the fullest. That “fullest” will bear little resemblance to the term as it is used in the levels below courage.

Beyond Love lies Joy a transformational space where limitations imposed by attitudes and beliefs consistent with lower levels dissolve. Unconditional Love turns inward and embraces the self. The experience of loving yourself unconditionally will be an unrestrained flood of pure Joy. Even in the face of extinction.

And now we come to Peace - that “peace which passeth all understanding”. Struggle has lost its meaning and, therefore, its ability to cause stress or distress. Most material aspects of life have lost any significant value. The greatest (unlimited) degree of empowerment of human consciousness becomes available. It is not without it's challenges as to remain at this level means that meaningful dialogue with individuals operating in levels below Joy becomes challenging, if not impossible. As your relationship between yourself and the universe becomes clearer, a deep, potent and pervasive inner peace will infuse your life. This peace creates a sense of “all is perfect, including me, my presence here and all around me”, even extinction is not alarming, you will have risen well above understanding.

The uppermost region of embodied consciousness is called Enlightenment and there is not much to say about this as it is a space which must be experienced and my words are inadequate to describe it. Perhaps Zen offers a glimpse of embodied enlightenment: “Before enlightenment, chopping wood, carrying water. After enlightenment, chopping wood, carrying water.”

Those are the levels of consciousness available to us while embodied. Together, they represent a single dimension in the realm of human consciousness. Empowerment is a different dimension; we might think of it as the intensity or passion of our consciousness. I see it like this:

Influence of awareness or passion

The curve which defines the potential empowerment of your consciousness is an exponential (surprise?) curve which is largely determined by your level of consciousness. The degree your life is controlled by you (the rainbow area labeled “conscious” - your “aware influence”) as opposed to your programming (the grey area labeled “subconscious” - your “unaware influence”) can be thought of as the ratio the segments of a horizontal line drawn at the level where your own consciousness is, at any given moment.

As you can see - it is at the point where love reigns over reason that you will achieve a balance between your conscious volition and your subconscious programming. But this presents a potential - to achieve that potential you must needs be involved in life in some way, whether it be research, parenting, skydiving, paying a mortgage.... whatever is not nearly as significant as the degree or intensity with which you are engaged.

Now I am going to add a third dimension to this description of your consciousness - a dimension of direction. Imagine that curve (labeled “empowerment potential” above) rotated through 360° to form a 3-dimensional surface. This represents the myriad directions in which our consciousnesses can engage life. They include all human endeavour and they all offer equal opportunity to grow our individual conscious empowerment.

The surface of consciousness

There are some observations I have found very helpful to me in coming to terms with how I can, and why I ought to, empower my own consciousness:

The first thing that struck me was the similarity to the gravitational field around a black hole which, in turn, led me to these notions:

  • Imagine that there is a force drawing you towards the black hole (the black region at the bottom of the surface), if your consciousness is at a highish level, but not very empowered (ie you are not very enthusiastically engaged with life) then there is nothing between you and the black hole and it will be an all-consuming task to keep your consciousness at that higher level while resisting the downward-drag. A moment's weakness and you could be easily drawn down into the pits of “below-the-line” consciousness.
  • Imagine that your consciousness is above the line (the green region on the surface) and you are passionately engaged with life - in whatever direction - then the force drawing you towards “The Pits” (which I imagine operates in a direct line, unconstrained by your surface of consciousness) is actually pulling your consciousness toward the surface of what looks like a trampoline.
  • This is one great benefit of being the aware pilot of an empowered consciousness - should you have an impulse of despair (which is one way I believe we experience this force's action) - it's effect will be to take you towards an impact with the trampoline-like surface of your consciousness which will, in all likelihood, bounce your awareness back up to (nearly) the level it was at but slightly less engaged. It would be a trifling effort to re-establish yourself at the level of empowered consciousness you were at before the impulse of despair distracted you.

There you have it - this map of consciousness is presented in more detail at my Empower Your Consciousness page. [8]. At this point it is the most potent contribution I have to making personal sense out of the insanity to which we are all being subjected.

In closing, I would like to mention Mindvision which is a 3-day retreat workshop Trijntje and I offer by donation at our awesome home in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland of Australia. You can think of it as a practical course in Empowering Your Consciousness.

I would like to profoundly and sincerely thank each and every one of the many individuals within and without the Scientific Community who have passed through the level of courage in order to share their truth with the rest of us. Please know that your journey and it's pains are very much appreciated by those who are following.

It is my hope (with apologies to NTHE members) that this may offer inspiration to embrace your own courage as a guide to creating personal peace in the face of extinction.

Wishing you a wonderful world today
Fergus Reilly

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